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Default Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 Confirmed for PS3

Website says it should be available for the PS3 in mid november, E17 is the new desktop interface. v5.0 is completely new, based on Fedora Core 5....
YDL v5.0 is slated for release mid-November with support for the Sony PS3 first, and support for the former Apple PowerPC product line to follow. Any updates required to support the Apple PowerPC systems following the release for PS3 will be made available via a free download.
Which systems will be supported?
Terra Soft will initially launch YDL v5.0 with support for the Sony PS3. By the close of 2006, support for the former Apple PowerPC product line will be made available, with intent to provide both DVD and CD install images via Enhanced and the public mirrors, while the shipping product will be available on DVD only.
For you linux heads out there, I think this is pretty cool news.
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