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Default Re: WoW South Park Episode

Originally Posted by MOTÖRHEAD
Sorry if you think anything goes on cable you must be mistake. If it's a premium channel like HBO I'd agree but even basic cable must adhere to certian goverment restrictions. There are a few in goverment who now want to censor premium cable channels and satellite radio because they dislike people like Howard Stern and shows like the Sapranos, Oz etc...
I think his point (though saying anything might have stretched it a bit), is that cable is less restricted then network television... There are a lot of things that can be shown, even on non-premimum channels, that I doubt ABC or NBC would be allowed to air... It also results in some anime shows and what not, being viewable on cable, that can be more graphic (though in many cases more related to violence), then one tends to see on network...
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