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Default Re: WoW South Park Episode

Originally Posted by MOTÖRHEAD
There are restrictions and language like that and scenes like that one can only be done because.....
There are no restrictions on cabletv at all. The language censors they put on that show are completely voluntary. The south park guys even explained this in an episode they did where they said the word 'sh*t' without any censoring a hundred and some odd times. Remember stan saying that if you swear too much, then the words just lose all meaning.

Originally Posted by MOTÖRHEAD
1.) The show airs late at least in my neck of the woods. Anything past 10:00pm can have a few bad words but nothing to graphic.
It's on at 6:00PM here.

Originally Posted by MOTÖRHEAD
2.) It is a cartoon and easier to let pass through then to have real people use foul language.

Sorry if you think anything goes on cable you must be mistake.
Alright, point out to me which law says its not allowed. You can't because currently the FCC only has censorship jurisdiction over public airwaves.

Some people in washington are attempting to change this:

Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) told a group of broadcasters yesterday that he wants to extend that authority to cover the hundreds of cable and satellite television and radio channels that operate outside of the government's control.
Cable and Satellite providers do not operate over public airwaves, therefore the FCC can only regulate issues related to signal interference with them, and nothing more. Their content is completely out of bounds for the FCC. The south park guys can do whatever the hell they want and there is nothing that anybody can do to stop it.
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