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Default 3dmark03 On Nvidia Cards Redux

first a little background. as is well known, after 3dmark03 came out nvidia bashed it, citing that it was a bad representation of reality, and that it was easy to optimize for.

towards this purpose they released the 42.72 infamous cheat drivers which dramatically raised 3dmark03 scores for gfFX users, but also reduced the precision of the shaders and lowered IQ in GT4.

this was fixed in later drivers, but 3dmark03 scores decreased.

nvidia recently released the 43.45 drivers, which again raised scores, but apparently had the same lower precision of 42.72. you can see the differences between the "cheat" and what the scene should normally look like in a screenshot by Dark Crow here

with the newly leaked 43.51 drivers, people in our own forums have reported this when using a gfFX5800:
Originally posted by skypx

Score is on par with the 43.45 dets.
and Dark Crow has posted a screenshot of GT4, Mother Nature, which shows that image quality is perfectly fine now:

so there you have it. it appears that nvidia was able to retain the same high 3dmark03 score, without any noticeable reduced precision
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