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Default non-deterministic system freezes with 1.0-9625/9626 running compiz

Greetings everybody!

As nice as the native support for GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is, but I get random system-freezes with the combination of the 9625/9626 driver and compiz. Sometimes I can run the system under full load (4xFSAA, 8xANIO, compiz, some xscreensaver's gl-hacks, videos or mp3s playing in totem) for hours before it freezes hard. Then there are times when the machine freezes right away after I successfully logged in or even as early as the gdm-login screen. Then I have to press the reset button (ssh-ing to the machine from remote nearly never works in order to shut it down cleanly). On the next reboot I then often see the kernel complaining about IRQs not working or not being received by my network-card or the nvidia-card. Sometimes it is so bad, that not even the BIOS can get the machine booted.

The freeze happens sometimes during resizing or moving a windows. But there are also times when it freezes just as is. I sadly cannot provide a procedure that triggers the freeze in a deterministic fashion.

Because I was assuming the system-RAM to be failing (memtest+ V1.65 reported errors... but only sometimes) I replaced the DIMM with a new one. Sadly that didn't fix anything.

Also unplugging all add-in cards except for the graphics-card didn't improve the situation.

I've even updated the mainboards BIOS to the newest beta-version from Asus in the hope it would fix these issues. That didn't help either.

The only way to use my machine without failure is to use the "nv" driver, which is not really an option for me as I need proper OpenGL-acceleration for development and the composited desktop-environment.

I'm using the nvidia-driver with zander's SMBUS-patch applied, because otherwise Xorg would not load up.

The machine looks like this:
Asus A8N SLI Deluxe
AMD Athlon64 3700+
eVGA 7900GT
(no component is overclocked)
running Ubuntu EdgyEft (always updated)

I hope I've supplied all information helpful for you engineering folks at nvidia to resolve this issue.

Best regards...

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