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I knew this was going to happen...

nVidia comes out of the gate with very subsandard drivers, across the board. In order to satisfy the reviewers/readers, they release a drivers that clearly cheated, if you will, to raise performance...UNTIL they had enough time to get their drivers up to scratch.

So, a bunch of time passes, and they eventually have a drivers that's capable of delivering higher performance without having to resort to cheating. The expectation is that (from their POV), people will consider this whole thing acceptable because nVidia eventually fixed/addressed the problem. I'm not one of them. Under no circumstances should ANY outfit be allowed to force special drivers to "cheat" until their driver team can get the software up to scratch. I mean, what kind of integrity is that?

I hope this is the end of the "special" driver...The next time I see either ATI/nVidia providing such a drivers to websites, I'm going to make sure the issue gets raised.
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