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Default Re: black screen with nvidia 1.0.9625

First of all: I have the same Toshiba laptop as wschutzer, except that is called 1410-303 here in Italy. I have a Nvidia GeForce4 420 Go as well.

Now, the strangest thing happened to me. All drivers until 7*** worked like a charm for me, except I had to cope with EDID problems (the monitor lies about its dimensions, asserting that it is less than 1024 px wide!). Drivers from 8*** series don't work at all: black screen and mandatory hard reset.

Recently, I tried 9625 and it worked! I just had to disable EDIDs and ask for "ExactModeTimingsDVI", otherwise I would get a nvidia-auto-select mode (800x600).

Then, I bought an external flat panel, 1680x1050. The monitor worked after adding the proper modeline.

Since then, I cannot work with my laptop alone! My card seems to work only with an external monitor. Note: this is true only under linux: windows, with a very old driver (in fact the version shipped with the laptop) continues to run smoothly.

I tried many options but to no avail. Enabling EDIDs results in an immediate crash (signal received). Running X results in a black screen with some artifacts, as if I was trying to run a not supported mode (with high refresh rates). I tried also 1024x768_60 to no avail. Even lesser resolutions don't work at all.

How is this possible? I can't understand. How can the use of an external panel render the card unusable?

Let me also add that on some runs also a ghost CRT was detected: in those cases I tried the various "ConnectedMonitor", "UseDisplayDevice" to no avail.

I tried also with 9626 but nothing changed. Please have a look at my bug report, thank you.
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