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nVidia is STILL cheating. But they're cheating in a way every end user should accept, IMO: they're cheating and doing their best not to reduce IQ too much.

This was pretty much to be expected: before, nVidia didn't have the time to cheat well. They were simply using INT12 pretty much everywhere.
Now, they're using FP16 where it increases IQ, too. But only where it increases IQ. And yes, it does look a little worse than older drivers - I'd guess that's because those used FP32. But still, it's a lot better, and I think reviewers should begin to think using those drivers is becoming quite fair indeed

Remember that in most cases where you need dynamic range, you couldn't see the difference between FP16, FP24 and FP32. 3DMark 2003 is an exagerated case - and that's a good thing, IMO, because that truly enables you to see the difference, which is a good thing for reviewers and people examining what's really going on at forums like Beyond3D.

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