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Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R

You sound like you bought all the PR that's been thrown around lately.

Some of us don't even want "a little" bit of IQ downgraded even if it is for a massive performance increase.

I can't even begin to critique your statement.

Every end user WILL NOT accept this, every end user SHOULD NOT accept this. You do not talk for everyone, remember that.

You make it sound like cheating SHOULD be acceptable.
Actually, who cares if you cheat without getting caught and that you do it nearly everywhere? Heck, I'm pretty sure nVidia will optimize a lot of other games similarly - the GFFX is way too complex to allow games to do things properly

If nVidia didn't cheat everywhere, then it'd be another matter. But they do. So damn, the problem isn't that they're cheating.

The problem is *only* IQ. What we care about, as gamers, is IQ. Of course, as techies, other things matter, but that's really not the primary concern IMO ( feel free to have a different opinion - but then accept mine too. )
Sorry for saying that it isn't a problem to have slightly lower IQ. Probably was lame there... I think, however, that the users should be given the option of a little bit less IQ to get more performance - I did say *option* here. Reviewers should use their best judgement to use the best setting.

And on the topic of IQ - after rechecking the screenshots, I'm not even too sure it's worse than 43.03 anymore...

The 43.51 looks just as good as the 43.03, it seems Didn't check compared to a R300 yet, though.

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