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Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R

You sound like you bought all the PR that's been thrown around lately.

Some of us don't even want "a little" bit of IQ downgraded even if it is for a massive performance increase.

I can't even begin to critique your statement.

Every end user WILL NOT accept this, every end user SHOULD NOT accept this. You do not talk for everyone, remember that.

You make it sound like cheating SHOULD be acceptable.

My apologies Scott.

nvidia has been so afraid to be confident in the need to engineer an entirely new product and keep just trying to play the race game with ATi and its making them look bad over and over again.

nvidia, take your time. your not being faster than ATi would be fine with most of us if you showcased feature-set and scaleability and the other things that make the FX special. trying to beat ATi while they use a very mature chip like R3xx is devestating and probably impossible for awhile.

nvidia, stop the insanity and get a grip on your market relations. your cooler than this.
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