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Default Re: WoW South Park Episode

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
The south park guys even explained this in an episode they did where they said the word 'sh*t' without any censoring a hundred and some odd times. Remember stan saying that if you swear too much, then the words just lose all meaning.
Kyle has called Cartman a fat*ss a number of times I haven't heard so many complaints about that. More of the complaints cener around, for instance when the guy who played Chef griped about the Scientology episode.

That said, it really does need to be given to Blizzard's credit here. Rather then acting like the terrorists do, burning down buildings because of a cartoon, or like others (Hayes for instance), or others who have ended up in an espisode; they took an entirely different approach. It was in WoW news page, as one goes to start the program up "WoW comes to South Park", as they told all the players without making a stink about it at all...
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