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Default Re: black screen with nvidia 1.0.9625

Originally Posted by wschutzer
PS: Hey UncleZeiv, the 8xxx drivers were working well for me, with some tweaking that is.
First of all, thank you for your suggestion. But please explain what you mean with tweaking, I thought you said "The previous versions of the driver will freeze my system, so I'm just sticking with the nv driver for the moment."?

Originally Posted by wschutzer
Have a look at the xorg.conf file included in my bug reports. Perhaps it'll work for you!
Unfortunately, it doesn't, neither in the nvidia-light, nor in the nvidia-full version
Thank you anyway.

Originally Posted by wschutzer
I tried yours on my computer and the strange thing is that I also have a phantom CRT, but the DFP stays black.
Now that's weird! Anyway, may I stress again that the 9625 DID WORK for me when I installed them; they STOPPED working AFTER I attached an external monitor, when trying to use my laptop standalone. They continue to work if I attach the external monitor!

This is really strange. Now I had to revert to 7676 and kernel (the latest kernel for which 7676 compiles).

I attach the "bug report" for this other configuration, which actually DOES work, in case somebody (possibly nvidia staff), want to compare it with the non-working configuration I posted before.
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