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Default ME!

SOF 2 multi
JK 2
GTA 3 (SpAnK mIsTy FoR mE!!!)
Warcraft 3
Battle zone 2 (was 4 bucks so bought again)
Pool of radiance

The ultimate DAIKATANA (Trying to beat this game w/o any cheat. I HATE FROGS!!!)

All C&C serieses (C&C 95/RA/RA2/RA xpension/RA2 xpension/C&C2/Renegade

For the XBOX...

JSRF/Halo sometimes... And A very nice graphic game that I have to use that DUMBASS debugging XBOX... (Highly confidential!!!)

For the NGC...

Starwars:Rogue squadron 2 (Still stuck at the strike at the core mission for 4 months!)/RE:RE (Resident Evil :Remake)/Eternal Darkness/Luigi's mansion (Still trying to get the A mansion. Now I have grade B mansion)
Toshiba M40 - PM1.8Ghz Centrino set / 2GB RAM - DDR1 (pirate) / 80GB Toshiba 2.5" HDD / GF go 6600 128MB PCI-E x16 / Intel 915 / Toshiba DVD+-RW / SB Audigy 2 NX / Samaung SM715v

Toshiba PPC e830 - 2x 1GB SD / 2.2GB Magicstor CF2 MHDD / BT / WiFi

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