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Default Sync. Out of range!

Hi guys, me again. I got another problem. I run KDE (switching to GNOME soon, but thats not important). When I try to goto console mode by pressing alt ctrl F1, I get the message "Sync. Out of range" on my screen. This problem appeared AFTER I installed the new 1.0-4349 drivers.

Here are my specs

P4 2.0gHz
Whatever Mobo that came with my Dell Dimension
Gentoo Linux 1.4 rc3
GeForce4 MX 420 128MB

Monitor info from the Samsung driver CD
Model: Samsung SyncMaster 955DF
Hsync: 30-85 kHz
Vsync: 50-160 Hz
Maximum Resolution: 1600x1200 @ 68Hz

I entered this to my /etc/X11/XF86Config exactly. Any help?
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