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Default Re: black screen with nvidia 1.0.9625

"Me Too"

Fedora 5, 2.6.17 kernel, GeForce 5700LE, Viewsonic 1680x1050 flat panel.

While troubleshooting a system instability issue that only showed up during 3D (appears to have been a bad DIMM) I tried using 1.0.9626 with the following results:

1) Black screen on startx

2) Patched with the SMB-removal patch, X starts in a different resolution than specified in xorg.conf.

3) nvidia-settings doesn't show 1680x1050 as an allowed resolution, and there was no way to set it.

So even though I got it working, I was unable to set the native resolution of my flat-panel, so I backed it out to 1.0.8xxx, which works.

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