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Default Re: - cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Finally some news, but no good ones...
The Nvidia 64bit driver installs a 64 bit file.
Excuse my lack of knowledge, but I now realized that the driver might be completely alright. The xorg is only able to read standart 32bit driver.
Since the Kernel is x86_64 bit, and the xorg is only 32 bit, there are two results:
the x86_64 driver won't be recognized by xorg
the x86_32 driver won't install on a 64 bit system
(manually copying won't work either.)
so now, I will try to compile my xorg manually and run the 64bit driver. I expect, the driver will work, the xorg will work, and any other 32 bit "X" application won't work until recompiled.

updates hopefully soon. ideas welcome...

installed: 32bit kernel, 32 bit nvidia driver, 32bit xorg. everything works.
comment from a friend: told you, don't try to use 64 bit linux. it won't work for desktop stations.
my comment: he is right.

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