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Originally posted by rol

I clearly understand your point about Dev. kernels... so should I conclude that all the kernel Hackers are using plain old VT100 screen and are not allowed to benefit from graphical displays ?
You can always use the "nv" driver that is distributed with XFree86. It works fine with 2.5.x kernels. That way you, as a developer, will still have the benefit of a graphical display, even on 2.5.x! If on the other hand you are a developer that needs serious hardware accellerated 3D you should definitely not be running any 2.5.x kernel right now, you will risk loosing all your work for no apparent gain. And yes, many kernel hackers use VT100 displays and vi to hack away


Is that too much to ask for ?
IMHO at this point, yes. The 2.5.x kernels are so volatile it's not even funny.

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