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Typical, the thread turns into an NVidia is cheating, thread.

Thing is, there isn't ONE sinple user here that can prove Nvidia are cheating.
And isn't the web a wonderful place, where any user can post complete BS, and everyone else takes that as the gospel truth.

And how exactly, is this affecting Radeon users ?

Comeon, HOW is this affecting you, and in what way ?

Because all I see are a bunch of users that are hell bent on spending idle time slagging Nvidia at every chance. Pretty sad, don't you think ?

And how is this supposed "Cheating", going to affect ANY game this year, and possibly even next year ?

And I'll put ANY money on the fact that there won't be ONE single DX9 game this year, and maybe even next year.

And when a DX9 games does eventually show up, who will still even own ANY of today's cards ?

I think a lot of people need to grow up, get out more and even get laid.
At the end of the day, who gives a flying f*ck whether FP16 or FP32 is used ? Because it won't really matter until we see games that show this up.
Feel free to flame, because I really don't give a damn. I HAVE a life outside of videocards
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