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Testet the uninstaller. Everything is running fine again!

There where in fact some libGLxxx.rpmsave around. But
the active one was Maybe I try it
sometimes on freshly installed box.

btw: The main problem was not the lack of performance.
The timings where wrong!
One minute real time was:
48s on a the Geforce2 MX in Quake3
58s on Geforce4 MX in Quake3
This lead to the slow jumps and movments (I think)

There was another problem: A friend of mine couldn't
change the settings in Quake3. Quake simply crashed.
Reinstalling the older drivers (4191) helped.
(Celeron1700, Geforce4MX, RedHat80)

So I guess I wait for the next generation of Drivers

Thanks alot

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