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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

Originally Posted by MaXThReAT
Hey just an FYI for everyone that hasn't got the game yet. Circuit City is selling the deluxe edition for just $47.99. It was sold out everywhere ells, guess I lucked out by missing it the first few days.
I'm still clearing off some HD space for this, then defrag, then I'll get her installed and come back with some #s and maybe a vid.

Edit: Well I started to attempt to install the game around 6:09pm. I didn't get to play the game until 8:36pm. My install kept getting hung up at disk2. After removing Nero and the Intervideo Launcher my system was able to identify the disks correctly. It's an acknowledged issue from Microsoft. So if both your disks show up as some UDF something and not disk1 & disk2 uninstall Nero and Intervideo Launcher.

I first took off from DIA in the red ultralight. I flew down to Denver and circled Invesco field. Then I flew down south and found what I think was my house, not really but it sure looked like it. Then I landed at my local airport that’s just a few miles from my house. Then I snagged Heli and flew out to Coors Field and landed on home plate.

As for performance my first run through was @ 1024x768 everything at ultra High settings, AF, no AA, I got a pretty solid 15fps. Then I jacked up the rez to 1600x1200 and I only dropped down to 10fps. Then I just moved everything to it's highest setting except for vehicles, AF and AA on @ 1600x1200 and it did drop down to 6-8fps in the city. I think I'm going to keep the settings on Ultra high, high is the lowest I'll go. I think I read somewhere that this game is a dual core app but I don't know. My first core stays at about 85% and my second core just jumps every now and then. I can't wait to see what the supposed 30% vista boost will do, that and a G80.

If you enjoy this game in any way shape or form I highly recommend you pick a TrackIR. I didn't touch my POV hat once. While I was flying the Ultralight I was looking over to my left and the steering bar was in the way of the view, all I had to do was duck my head down a little bit. FULL 6DOF. I can look up, down, left, right, lean side to side, lean in and out, tilt left and right and the move the entire view height up or down. I could lean in look only at the dash as if I was really there.
Anyway it's sweet, I need a quad core and SLi now.
Wow, that makes me REALLY want a TrackIR. I've looked at them before...and drooled a bunch. I'm just concerned I won't use it enough...But it would be amazing...

Quick question about the TrackIR. How exactly does it work? I mean you put the thing on your head right? So when you turn your head left, the view moves left...but then you're not looking at the screen because you're looking left...So you have to look right with your eyes at the same be able to see the screen properly. Does this give you a headache?

And out of curiosity, what other games do you use it in? Just Flight Sims? Or is it good for any other genres? Thanks!
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