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Im not sure about the brightness - i think it might have something to do with the fact that its a .jpg (the image of the other drivers). But the 43.51 pic does look sharper (but thats also most likley due to the jpeg compression). But in the issues that matter here is the IQ compared to the R300/350 and it looks fine to me. Can anyone point me too a PNG of the R300/350 on Frame 800 of this test? Id like to look closer you see.

Also maybe we should spend less time comparing and dwelling on which companies product is 'better' and just actually concentrate on the products in question rather than trying to convert people to their product? We have all seen millions of threads starting "Ive used nvidia products for years but...." and there is really NOTHING new to be said on this subject. The thread has started to go off slightley on a R300/350 vs NV30 theme again.

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