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Rob, ill be happy to take a frame PNG from a R350, could someone give me instructions of how to do it?


Ok figured it out, it was real easy LOL

Here is what the options.

IN the Radeon Control Panel, all options set to Application Prefrence. Therefore no AA is used, and the rest is default.

The Res was 1024x768, i thought that was small, but i belive thats what the other screens were at. If you want larger pictures, i can do bigger, probly 1280x1024 is highist i can do due to my monitor.

THe link is here, warning its like 2.6MB, also it was saved in .bmp format, 3dmark did it by itself

Heh, my ISP has cut off my web hosting bandwith.... heh, if anyone can host it, ill send you a zip E-mail me

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