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Default Re: Love the site Mike C. One suggestion/request

Originally Posted by Zeta
I already have all the avitars off so I can view this site while at work. I have seen a steady increase of "the ladies" posted in threads. Then I hit nvnews to see ladies on the home page.

I love my job and I love nvnews but I will have to stop coming to the site from work, which is bad since this is mostly where I view it from, if this is not moderated.

I say go to town in the off topic forums but I can't justify going here as being a tech site when ladies are plastered all over.

Thanks for you consideration in this matter.


WTH are you talking about.

Are you refering to the babe thread in which case, don't open it.

If you objecting to girls like Nalugrl posting; WATCH IT : pointing finger at you: - SHE'S THE FIRST LADY OF THIS FORUM.

If you are refering to girls in suggestive pix being posted in normal threads, I can't recall seeing those (I might have missed those .... pity - please post links)

In all other cases, pardon me I don't understand.
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