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Default Re: Spam threads going too far?

Originally Posted by jAkUp
Well, even a newcomer will be able to quickly identify who is contributors and who is spammer, maybe not right away, but definetely within a few days time.

Also, your join date shows up right next to your user name, and unlike postcount, cannot be "spammed"
Very, very true. I thought about that when I was posting and I just figured, eh...I'll let someone else bring it up!

In all seriously, though, there are a few here and there that registered a few years ago and then BAM they have 2k posts overnight.

And then again...sometimes it is harder to tell apart a spammer from a contributor. There are some people in the Linux Forum who have a decent post count that I've never even heard of before! So if they started posting more in the Open Forum or other areas, I would be like WTF who's this guy.

Again, its not really all that big of a deal. Just one of those little things.
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