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jbirney, your point is well taken- not everybody has the same wants/needs.

Even though that's true, there's still the fact that most people with a GF3 or better GPU in their cases don't need a new card yet. They may want it anyway (I've been there, that's why I've now got a GF4). But the GF3 would still run all current games fine, as well as be playable in all games I've read about through early spring of next year. That addresses the need side of the equation.

As far as wants, heck ya. I'd take an R300 (9700 PRO) right now, if I could afford to upgrade every single time a faster / better product hit the market. Some of us must be made of money, or at least have the proverbial moneytree growing out back, because that's practically what the fast pace of product launches/introductions and still having the absolute best all the time requires.

For the rest of us, it comes down to what can you afford in combination with what you want and what you need. Those of us with newer hardware (especially GF4's) might want to get the R9700Pro right now, but we certainly don't need it yet. As well, since most of us can't afford to blow $800+ on video cards each year, it's probably wiser to at least wait to see what the competition's like in a few months, and at least only spend that $400+ once a year.

BTW, this isn't saying that the nV30 is gonna be God's Creation or anything. I'm just saying that unless you've skipped the last couple gens of cards, you'd probably be happier in the long run knowing you had the best for your money's worth if you waited a bit to see how they all stack up.

However, if anyone out there wants to buy a GF4Ti4600 for $200 and donate another $200 (gotta include shipping on that $365) to me, I'll be happy to join the gotta have one of every card that comes out frat club.
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