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Default Re: Spam threads going too far?

Just to be clear... I posted this in the thread about candle leaving.....

Originally Posted by Me shouldn't just leave!

I wasn't targeting you at all in that thread!!! You seem pretty alright. At first, the spam threads were really cool. It was pretty much just a wacky chat room and that was cool. If you've noticed in the last few weeks, though, you have pages and pages of just one or two people posting ad naseum and that isn't cool.

I made that thread because post count does mean something. Used correctly and in conjunction with how long someone has been a member, you can see if they are actually a contributor or just a fraud. This was particularly true for the For Sale forum until recently when the rules got tweaked. Even if I didn't know someone here I could look at there join date and post count and make some sort of determination of whether they were going to stick around or fly off with my cash/goods.

My intention was never for some of you newer spammers to get offended and storm off. If I really cared about my post count, I'd be blabing my mouth a lot more and not have these long winded posts. There is nothing wrong with spamming, especially in moderation. Its funny, fun, and can let people know each other a bit better. But this last spam thread turned sour a ways through it, for one thing, and for another is the above mentioned argument.

Even with all of those posts removed from the deletion, you have 600 posts in 7 months. That's a fair number and shows that you participate without spamming.

It's really not that big of an issue and I didn't even want the damn thread closed. I was just pointing out something that was bothering me a bit and to see what other people's thoughts were. I had no idea the thread would be closed and people would be having aneurysms over it. If I would have known I would have just kept my mouth shut.
This all got blown up a lot bigger than what I meant it to. I was merely stating that there was a lot of spam and what I thought was going on. I don't have a lot of stroke around here so whatever actions that were taken were done so because the powers that be deemed so. I wasn't complaining as much as I was just testing the water and trying to find out what the opinion was here. I think I've said about 4 times already that I didn't think it was a really big deal.

Eh, whatever. Sorry I rufled some feathers for something that wasn't even worth mentioning...


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