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Default Re: Love the site Mike C. One suggestion/request

Not talking about the babe thread at all. In the first g80 pics thread(? I can go find it if you would like) there was a women posted in it as well. Also I was referring to the mentioned home page pic.

It's really not a huge deal. I dont want to make this into something that it is not.

I was just requesting that such things be kept of the the tech forums and removed, in the rare cases that it does happen (such as semen thread moved to the open forum). As I stated go to town in the open forums, I have no issue there whatsoever.

This was just a request to Mike. It is his site and he can run it anyway he sees fit. I was just giving my feedback to the site as this forums suggests that it is for.

Love the site, love the staff. Thanks for bringing me a site I enjoy for free.
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