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Default Re: What is the NVRAID stripe size?

I ran some more tests and the huge dropoffs do not occur with other non-raided disks. Tested ATA and SCSI.
I know(well, suspect...) that the performance starts decreasing around 2GB because that is the size of the memory available to each CPU and by 4GB or more, the I/O is going to be the raw disk and fs speed.
However these addtional very large drops do not correlate to anything that I can find except the NVRAID. The disks are capable of up to 150MB/s. With no cache available they won't get that high, of course, but 20-25MB/s is much, much, MUCH too low for READ.

Does the controller cause it?
How can I fix it so that record sizes >128kB won't have that effect with large files?
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