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Originally posted by jolle
In Quake3 there is a differance at about 11Fps at 640*480
But at higher res the GPU takes over the strain.
3dmark01 shows only about 300 points gain.
Commanche 4 only 1 fps differance, which points
to the GPU as bottleneck.
UT2k3 only 2 fps
In SPEC viewperf the differance is really showing tho.
the graphs represented at Tom's Hardware are of an nforce2 using DDR333 and DDR400, both are using dual channel mode. TH did not test single channel.

the source of the difference is that DDR400 has higher latency than DDR333, and the CPU is running a 333MHz(so in effect there is no bandwidth advantage in from using DDR400, but there is a latency disadvantage)

On the Soundstorm audio i read a article today that stated
that Nvidia says the apu is powerful enough to handle EAX
advanced HD but doesnt support it now cause of the few
titles that uses it, this COULD mean that in a future driverset
they could add support for EAX HD, which would rock..
no, it doesn't say that Soundstorm can handle EAX Advanced.

here is what it says
Most noteworthy and somewhat surprising given our expectation of a stock Sensaura reverb engine, the reverb quality while not quite as consistent as the Live or Audigy, is clearly the overall best of all Creative's competitors and a clear plus of gaming on the nForce. What is lacking is support for EAX Advanced HD. While EAX Advanced HD titles can be written with a fall-back to EAX 2, only the Audigy series from Creative currently take full advantage of aural aspects of EAX Advanced HD titles.
it says basically three things
1) EAX support on nforce2 is not quite up to par with Creative cards
2) However, nforce2 has the best sounding EAX effects compared to sound solutions not made by Creative
3) nforce2 cannot and does not support EAX Advanced(which can be thought of as EAX3). games written to support EAX3 can also have a fallback for EAX2. in other words, when using EAX2 as a fall back, you give up all advantages of EAX3. it's only a fallback.

an example of a fallback is the system used in 3dmark03 in GT2 and 3. if PS1.4 hardware is present, PS1.4 is used in GT2 and GT3, otherwise, PS1.1 is used.
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