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Looking at the images on this thread comparing IQ can the people who did them tell me how long they took to actually glean a difference and how long they look at the scenery in the games they are playing whilst playing the game ?

To put it another way, if I made you play your game at 320 x 200 would you find it repulsive ? Now, if I made you play your game at 1280 x 1024 2xAA or 1600x1200 32 bit straight would you find it repulsive ? Probably not .

Unless your game is called Duke-runupandexaminethewallclosely-Nuke'em of course

Of course, people will say, yes but if I paid $399 for a video card I'd expect to see a difference. And I'd say, you're using a Honda with an F1 engine and diamond tipped rotors to mow your lawn.

If you get on your hands and knees you'll be able to see your F1 Honda mower cut it all all a lot more even - judged from 2.4cm away.
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