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Unhappy Beta 9625 unusable on Edgy / Nforce1 embedded video


Tried to upgrade to 9625 to use Beryl and try to make Cedega work. Using an old Nforce 1 board with the embedded Geforce2 GPU.

I had to use the patch to remove SMBus support because that caused blackscreen lockups on X start.
Then, I used liborg-sched-yield-hack0 to keep it stable otherwise it would lockup at the login screen after a second or two.

After that it was running but extremely slow with heavy graphical glitches such as trails left behind the mouse and incompletely drawn images. It would lockup the machine completely (not just X, could not ssh in) after a few minutes.

If I ran Beryl, it rendered things better but a couple things had corrupted textures on them like the menus from the top bar. The machine stuttered badly - stall for about 20 seconds, then 5 seconds of normal operation, stall 20 seconds et al. It would lockup fully after a few minutes as well.

However, while it was working, 3d operations were the only thing that worked fine: if i put the mouse in the corner to get the "Expose" effect, the animation was very smooth and the windows were rendered perfectly. When the effect was not running, the windows were badly corrupted.

Here is an nvidia-bug-report.log. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to run this under X with 9625 running because it was too unstable. It was run under 8776, reinstalled after trying 9625. Maybe there's something useful in it.

Not supported yet on this old card perhaps?
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