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Look at those Benches again, on toms
hardware, they tested both Singel and Dual
with both DDR333 and 400..
ASUS A7NX8 S-CH = Singel Channel
ASUS A7NX8 2-CH = Dual Channel
atleast thats what i made of it...
Im running synced 333/333 fsb/mem when my
stuff arrives, in dual channel mode..
doesnt give a enormous boost but its there in
some cases..

And there was a statement on EAX HD if you read
all of it..

"NVIDIA has indicated that the nForce APU has the necessary power and flexibility to handle EAX Advanced HD. While it has not been a priority for them to date (with focus being on other nForce audio performance areas such as stability, OpenAL support and reverb engine tweaking)"

im not a liar or idiot...
tho it didnt say they "said it" but the "indicated", beats
me how..
Anyway it sounds like a future support for EAX3 isnt
totally impossible with a driver update..
and if thats so it would make me just a tad happier..

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