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Default's a fantastic card based on .15....
For the size, it is a great engineering success and a powerful card.

However, I highly doubt that this .15 card ( or any for that matter ) can compete with a well-engineered .13 part regardless of how high they set the core speed. Anand realizes this and draws attention to the fact that memory speeds will not be shifted to DDR-II until the shift to .13 is made.

The main limitation at this point seems to be memory bandwidth and die size; the lack of additional memory bandwidth and die size constraints prevented ATI from going to two texture units per pipeline, which would definitely increase performance across the board.
Our astounding over****ing successes don't kill the need for a 0.13-micron R300, since ATI will eventually need to outfit each of their 8 rendering pipelines with a second texture unit once the move to faster DDR/DDR-II memory is made.
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