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Hmm ac97 audio is a module by default in Redhat 9's default kernel..... audio works but it is analog stereo - the new nforce drivers include spdif out support and that is what I am after.... the object files I have in my kernel/drivers/sound/ directory are:

ac97_codec.o aedsp16.o cs4281 gus.o msnd_classic.o pas2.o soundcore.o via82cxxx_audio.o
ac97.o ali5455.o cs46xx.o i810_audio.o msnd.o pss.o sound.o v_midi.o
aci.o audigy emu10k1 mad16.o msnd_pinnacle.o rme96xx.o sscape.o wavefront.o
ad1816.o awe_wave.o es1370.o maestro3.o nm256_audio.o sb_lib.o trident.o ymfpci.o
ad1848.o btaudio.o es1371.o maestro.o opl3.o sb.o trix.o
ad1889.o cmpci.o esssolo1.o maui.o opl3sa2.o sgalaxy.o uart401.o
adlib_card.o cs4232.o forte.o mpu401.o opl3sa.o sonicvibes.o uart6850.o

As you can see ac97_codec.o, ac97.o, i810
_audio.o etc etc are in there....

Any more suggestions? Keep them coming please... I really want this to work!
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