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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

The game is defenitly fun but it has issues.

i tuned into a vor for otis AFB but the vor never picked it up ? the freq was taken from the map. the morse code was comming through but nothing registered on the needle.
the tutorial for vor didn't appear to set the instruments right.
I've had radio voices not work at all.
There appear to be lots of bugs in the game.

the graphic anomolies on vista are insane and isnt this suppose to be a vista game? I'm sure its the drivers but it surely has issues such as flourescant shapes instead of shadows and lots of terrain flickering, etc...

Performance needs a huge boost, forget using auto gen. even without it on and everything else set to at least high only get near 15 fps avg at ANY resolution.with autogen on sparse fps will drop to 5 or 6 fps.

system is 3.2EE, 2gb ram, 7800gs AGP.
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