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Originally posted by Atealtha
My lilo.conf file is set for no prompt (I press shift for lilo menu), and automatically set to load KDE.
.... Oh. Well, that's not all set up in lilo, but a lot of it is. The method I described is only going to work if you have it actually showing you the list of choices. See, I don't know what you decided to call your Linux kernel in lilo, or I'd just say "type LFS vga=788" (assuming I knew you called it LFS, which I don't think you did).

After the vga=788, you can add another parameter, the single number 3, to boot into framebuffer console mode rather than KDE. Not starting X immediately upon booting helps with a LOT of problems -- if you ever have issues with X, turn this feature off, so you can at least boot to a working (text-mode) system. I am still wondering why some distros think that a graphical login screen is better.
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