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Default Re: 8800GTX is selling

Originally Posted by DMA

GTX and GTS naked.

At least the GT version will use less power,having just 1 extra external power plug instead of 2,and you also notice that the PCB is shorter and the power delivery circuitry is less complex too....

The 2 SLI connectors on top for the GTX version ony mean one thing,these cards are Quad SLI ready..... The main problem would be the ability to find a power supply with no less than 8/ external power plugs for SLI and and the 800 watts needed to power just those 4 cards...

Dual redundant server power supplies to the rescue,or maybe this one,but it'll still be a close to it's limits as hard as it is to believe...

But it is 550$ for that puppy.
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