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Default Re: Black TV-Out on Any 1.0.8xxx driver

I tried the new 9626 driver today. The only difference I noticed (compared to 8xxx driver) is the DPI values used for the CRT. TV-OUT is still totally black. When I disable twinview and use the TV device only, I still get the image on my CRT. Replacing the driver with 7184 makes TV-OUT work normally again.

I will attach bugreports made with both 9626 and 7184 drivers, both with and without twinview enabled.
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File Type: log nvidia-bug-report-7184.log (55.6 KB, 132 views)
File Type: log nvidia-bug-report-7184-twinview.log (62.6 KB, 125 views)
File Type: log nvidia-bug-report-9626.log (48.6 KB, 112 views)
File Type: log nvidia-bug-report-9626-twinview.log (49.0 KB, 126 views)
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