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Default Re: 8800GTX is selling

If you have 500W SLI...just go and buy $50 Thermaltake 250W SLI and you're good to go for SLI 8800GTX, you will be fine with 500 W SLI if you're running one 8800GTX card. If you own like SLI 600+ especially OCZ 700W should worry even less. For the second card as I said get Thermaltake 250W SLI's only $50...

Personally i'm getting GTS...should be more then enough and later second card . My opteron dual core 165@2600 is going to be bottleneck anyway....cpu is still good though...not worth replacing it...and it's dual core afterall..

GTS as far performance/price/power requirement ratio...the best deal...unless you're insanely rich...

Now bring me GTS...bring me bring me bring me...i have opened a new credit card for this upgrade...i hope i don't broke
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