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Originally posted by ErrorS
hey now.. the quake3 BS that affected all Radeons, didn't improve benchmark scores or anything else.. WTF about that? people werent saying the same things about R8500 with its quack bull****.. it was "ATI CHEATS NVIDIA RULES"

now nvidia has a problem displaying shadows.. affects all nvidia cards.. doesnt improve performance.. yet its a bug?

holy ****

The "quack" cheat boosted the ATi Radeon 8500 scores in Quake III benchmarks. To claim otherwise (like you did) would be a lie. But that is not the full story anyway.

The "quack" cheat can be deactivated by simply changing the reference name in the drivers from "Quake III" to "quack" (hence the "quack" name) using a hex editor. The only way this modification can work is if and only if the drivers were programmed to recognize a certain game application called Quake III.

Both are facts and I noticed you are quick to deny one of the facts already.

The combination of both these facts (not just one but both) shows that ATi attempted to cheat. These cheat-capable ATi drivers were used in previews and early reviews of the Radeon 8500. Those enhanced Quake III scores were one of the selling points of the Radeon 8500. Having the drivers "fixed" a month later after the full reviews were published was a month too late.
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