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Default Re: 8800GTX is selling

Originally Posted by Redeemed

So, I just rechecked my "funds" for G80...

I will just be able to get two 8800GTXs if they sell for $649.99 a piece, not including shipping and tax (though if those are included I'll still be able to afford 'em- barely ).

And if the 8800GTS goes for $449 a piece, plus add the shipping and tax for the two GTSs at $449 a piece, I could easily afford two of those.

Hmm... I will probably just settle for the two GTSs. That is gonna' be such a huge leap in performance for me any ways.
If i were you & cant afford 2 GTXs , i'll just get a single 8800GTX for the time being & either SLI it later or replace with the next refresh (8900GTX perhaps) [read fineday's previous comment].

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