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Yeah I just read that article and I was too tired to
browse thru it again, im wont deny being lazy hehe.
Usually I do post links to most things, specially if it is
some kind of rumor based info, so people wont accuse
me of making it up or something, this time i was just to
lazy to browse the entire arcticle again.

your original post is also somewhat misleading in saying that you read an article that says EAX HD is possible, implying that the author said this, when in fact it was nvidia who told him or someone else that it would be possible. he doesn't actually know for sure.
Sorry if thats how it sounded, my intent was just to point
out that there could be a small hope to one day se support
for EAX HD.
Maybe I did express it a somewhat wrong.

with all the fluff nvidia has made with NV30, I won't be holding my breath over their promises.
Its a shame it has come to that, nowdays its best to not place
any weight on what the manufacturers says, nor on 3dmark03.
I place my trust in pure game and application benchmarks, the
FX5200 is a good example of this, its terrible in games compared
to GF4Ti and sometimes even GF4MX but it better then all of them
in 3dMark03, sure it might be better for games next year or so,
but if it doesnt run the games of today what good is that?

Also i had some thoughts on 3dmark03 and Nvidias driver optimizations, correct me if im wrong here..
Some says they are cheating when optimizing their drivers for
3dmark03, but futuremark says they made 3dmark03 to represent
how future games will work and run on your card.
Nvidia didnt agree on this vision tho, but if their driver
optimizations make 3dmark03 faster, wouldnt they also make the
upcoming games run faster?
And if not wouldnt that make futuremarks guess on how future
games will work wrong?
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