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Default black screen of death :-/

tried both RH 9 and MDK 9.1 with the new nvidia updater and i get a black screen when x tries to start up. There is no log created for the xserver so i cant query that or put it up here, it just seems to hang there not doing anything.

Hardware :
ASUS A7S333 mobo award bios rev 1003
Geforce 3 Ti 200 64 meg (creative)
onboard sound
some basic pci lan card
256 meg ddr ram

plug and play OS is set to off in the bios, and i cant find an option in my bios to set irq to vga on which is what someone suggestd elsewhere.

any suggestions as RH 9 looks really good and i want to get NWN up and running without having to go back to RH8

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