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Default Re: 8800GTX is selling

Originally Posted by J-Mag
OK so you are assuming Quad rail PSUs are better than dual or tri rail for some reason? The number of rails is of very little importance. What is important is amperage distribution of the harness. For instance, if one was to use an older 1kw turbocool they had quad rail, yet only ONE rail was dedicated to the PEG connectors it was having problems with X-fire. PC Power redisgned the rail distribution when this problem arose and that is why you see 3 different verisons of the 1kw PSU.
Well, duh. Find me a recently built quad-rail PSU that does what you're talking about, though. Most of them now leave the graphics sitting on at least two different rails all to themselves--or at least one entirely dedicated rail with very little power-draw on the other.

Efficiency also has very little to do with amperage distribution, I don't know where you got that idea...
Okay, let's have a look at the top tier of power-supplies and see if there is any kind of a correlation.

The strongest single-rail PSU out right now is the PC Power & Cooling 1000W. And it has a total of 72A sitting on that rail.

Now compare that to the Enermax Galaxy. 1000W and it has a total of 85A across 5 different 12v rails.

Now let's look at some 850W'ers. My Silverstone 850W has just as many amps as the PCP&C (72) and is a quad-rail.

By comparison, Zippy's top-of-the-line 850W model is a single-rail and only puts out 60A by comparison to my 72A.

... And you're telling me there's no substance to these #'s? No correlation at all? Mmmmmmkay.

Again, I am not saying YOUR PSU won't work so you don't need to defend your purchase.
I'm not defending my purchase, dork. I'm just telling it like it is. What are you running in your system? Perhaps it is you who feel the need to defend something here?

You generalized assuming all quad rail PSUs are capable, when that is obviously not the fact.
No, I didn't. Slawter has a PCP&C and I have a Silverstone. I never specified "ALL" like you say; my vague statement could've been referring to a comparison of those two name-brands, if I wanted it to. I think it's you who are doing a little bit too much insinuating. It seems you're just trying to incite an argument, for whatever reason.

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