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Default Re: 8800GTX is selling

Originally Posted by TiKiMaN1
I'm sure lots of of us will have very nice systems. But I know of no one who will have a modded case (with his name etched in the window and other cool features) with a fetchin' Vapochill. Yes I think there is a very strong argument that Sabersix will have the best rig.

But every freaking component in Sabersix1's rig is only going to be the best of the best.

But you never know jAkUp may have something up his sleeve.
Totally agree Sabersix's comp will be awesome but you guys just wait, my car is paid off next month and coming into 07 I'll be building a new rig and will spare no expense, lots of extra money, that just may rival the best on here, just wait, Oooo I can't wait. Edit: O and my rig beams my name down on to the floor in blue LED and on the LCDg15 but it's not etched.
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