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Default Re: Dark Messiah Feedback Thread

Ok this game is pissing me off... the static sound is gone now, but man... these loading times and stuttering is killing me... I had to seriously sit at a loading screen with no bar or percentage for 5 minutes before it loaded, THEN WHEN IT LOADED IT HAD ME FACING THE DIRECTION OF ANOTHER LOADING SCREEN (back from where I came from I assume), so obviously me thinking the game couldn't POSSIBLY be stupid enough to face me in the direction of the place I just came from, I stepped forward and bam... 5 minutes loading again. Then I just got pissed and went to quit... another 3 minutes to quit, and another 3 minutes to unload out of the memory and let me do anything else... I can't freaking stand this. I also love how quick-loads are not quick at all.
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