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You know, that sounds entirely possible. I just saw the comment elsewhere on overclocking, where the core went pretty high when overclocked. It seems as if all that would be needed would be faster RAM and some special edition 9700Ultra Pro's could be on the market, still using the .15 process.

Other than the RAM cost, it probably wouldn't (won't?) cost ATI much either, since it mostly would involve speedbinning to find the chips that will handle the even higher than the Pro core clocks, then pairing them with the faster RAM.

I still don't know what this means for nVidia, and especially nV30. I eagerly await real preview / reviews of that card. nVidia's history says they won't sit idle any longer than they have to when competing products start to get advantages..

(Who here thinks it would be nice to have cards that will run all our games at max resolutions with high AA and high aniso enabled, while getting framerates that never dip below our monitor refresh rates? Seems like this might be possible, at least until DoomIII hits.)
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