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Are you sure that's a verbose log file (generated with `startx -- -logverbose 5`)? A verbose log would contain any EDID information, which this log does not appear to have.

It does not appear that the attached CRT is detected. If the CRT does not provide an EDID, then the driver may not be able to detect it.

Here are the options I would try:

MetaModes (what you have now is fine)
ConnectedMonitor "CRT, DFP"
SecondMonitorHorizSync "29-65"
SecondMonitorVertRefresh "0-60"

And change the "Monitor" in your Screen section to be the "Belinea" instead of the LCD (in this case, the CRT is the first monitor, and the LCD is the second).

Let us know how that goes.
Andy Ritger
NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver Engineer
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