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Originally posted by pelly
However, I highly doubt that this .15 card ( or any for that matter ) can compete with a well-engineered .13 part regardless of how high they set the core speed. Anand realizes this and draws attention to the fact that memory speeds will not be shifted to DDR-II until the shift to .13 is made.
Dont automaticaly assume that .13u part will be faster than a .15u part. Yes there is a really good chance. But a part can only be as fast as its slowest link. we dont know where that slowest link is with the NV30. ATI handtweaked their design to get their speeds. Do we know for sure nV has done the same? Besides what happens if there are other bottle necks (like NV stuck on 128 bit bus) or something else?

I think the NV30 will be faster. But how much? I dont know but I doubt it will be that much faster given the fact that the R9700 can hit 400 Mhz mark.
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