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Originally posted by SnakeEyes
It seems as if all that would be needed would be faster RAM and some special edition 9700Ultra Pro's could be on the market, still using the .15 process.
Sure seems so,
Heres a snip from a thread over at the dark side started by Hellbinder:

"ATI has strong relationships with the major fab companies and we are closely monitoring the progress of the new process technologies. We believe the .15u process still has some headroom to increase clock speeds beyond what was achieved with the RADEON 9700 PRO, and coupled with the availability of DDR-II memory, higher speed derivatives of this product can be expected in the coming months."

(This is a quote from some information given to Dave Bauman prior to his review (Beyond3d).. He seems to think that it indicates that ATi will be releasing a higher clocked version of the R300 with DDR II around the time of the Nv30 release.)
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